Dr. Nick Plowman at 20 Harley Street, London

International doctor for people with cancer


  • My name is Dr. Nick Plowman and I see adults and children with all types of solid cancers.
  • I was trained at Cambridge University and have worked in both the NHS and private sector all my working life.
  • I have 40+ years of experience and am always involved in new developments to offer the latest advanced treatments.
  • I have been a Consultant Oncologist at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children in London for over thirty years. This has taught me, in order of importance, how best to care for a person with cancer and also how to treat the cancer itself.
  • I have dedicated my whole life to caring for people with cancer and my research has led to advances in medical practice worldwide including the introduction of aromatase inhibitors (pharmaceuticals) into breast cancer management and glucocorticoids (pharmaceuticals) into advanced prostate cancer management. I have also advanced the practice of modern radiotherapy, for example, to help children with cancer.
  • I am honoured that people from all over the world contact me to support them directly, or a family member, and often have requests from the UK, EU, Middle East, USA, and Asia.
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